The Gathering Session 2022

California Institute of the Arts is sponsoring the session by providing the REDCAT theater, with a full grand piano, supporting staff, and equipment. We are actively fundraising and have partnered with Soul Force Project, a 501c non-profit that promotes social justice through global music and the arts. You can help by Donating and/or purchasing select albums. Please support the upcoming recording session under the direction of founder/bandleader Jesse Sharps, as well funding the archive work.

More info and a video about it below.

The Gathering Part Two will take place on June 5th at the REDCAT theatre in Los Angeles, California following a June 4th concert by the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra. The Ghetto Suite, a nine section epic by Horace Tapscott, will be recorded with a 25-piece band featuring PAPA elders from the 60s and 70s, and other Arkestra members. The session will be filmed and paricipating musicians will be interviewed to continue documenting the music and the history. Other pieces to be recorded are Bakai by Carl Massey, Bee Vamp by Booker Little, and Mike's Tune by Jesse Sharps.

You can support the session by donating or purchasing the albums listed below. We have some nice thank you gifts at varying levels that we can share via email, listed below.

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 We have also partnered with Soul Force Project, a Los Angeles based non-profit promoting social justice through global music and the arts.

Donations through Soul Force Project are tax deductible.

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All proceeds go toward paying the musicians, and expenses for recording and filming.


Soul Force is a project of Joy of Sharing, a CA registered 501c3 non-profit organization.

Thank you gifts

$20 or more can get a 22 minute full performance video of Peyote Song III from the Leimert Park album recording session in 2005, or a digital version of the album.
$50 or more can get you two of the following; the Leimert album, a copy of Jesse's Wu Ensemble vinyl release, or the music video.
$100 or more will get all of the above plus exclusive behind the scenes footage from the upcoming recording session.