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Scores and parts are being set up for sale, with updates coming

Desert Fairy Princess Score Preview.jpg

Purchase of score & parts
to be sent as Finale files.

Purchase of physical score
parted out and mailed.

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The iconic "Desert Fairy Princess" by Jesse Sharps. This is a score and parts for large ensembe/ big band as would have been performed by the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra. Complete sections for flute, english horn, soprano saxophone, alto parts 1 & 2, tenor parts 1 & 2, baritone saxophone, Horn in F, trumpet in Bb parts 1 & 2, trombone parts 1 & 2, tuba, viola, acoustic bass, piano, drum set. Sample below is from the version recorded in 2005 as part of the Leimert Park album from The Gathering.

Desert Fairy Princess SampleArtist Name
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